Keeping it in vs Christ within

Thur., Apr. 7/22 Psychology suggests three primary approaches in dealing with one’s inner destructive propensities: expression, suppression, and diversion (calming). Expression seeks to find some acceptable level or output for one’s behavior. Suppression suggests the individual pause to think about their urge in hopes of converting it to something wholesome. Diversion (calming) directs one toContinue reading “Keeping it in vs Christ within”

Faith through seasons of dullness…

Tue., Apr. 5/22 If your coming to Christ was a cataclysmic, dramatic and emotional turning full round this was for you a precious and memorable experience. Your awareness of the Holy Spirit coming into you, speaking with you, nudging you in the days after will have been profound. But not every believer comes to ChristContinue reading “Faith through seasons of dullness…”

Something only You can Give to God

Mon., Apr. 4/22 You have something you can give to God, something only you can give Him, and something that He will not have unless you decide to willfully give it to Him. He will not take it from you by force… in fact, He cannot. Yes, there are things God cannot do: He cannotContinue reading “Something only You can Give to God”

It’s O.K. to drop your packsack

Fri., Apr. 1/22 The story is told of a weary traveler walking along a roadside carrying a large and heavy packsack on his back. A farmer happens by pulling a horse-drawn cart of loose hay. “Hop on,” he says to the man who very gratefully accepts, climbs up and stands on the wagon. After aContinue reading “It’s O.K. to drop your packsack”

The Lesson in Your Limp

Thur., Mar. 31/22 In the Focus on the Family 7-part video series “What to Do When You’re Not Okay,” counselor Debra Fileta discusses how the residue of some traumas may linger one’s lifetime. She points to an episode in the life of Jacob. Jacob had deceived his brother Esau into surrendering to him his birthrightContinue reading “The Lesson in Your Limp”

Beethoven’s Becoming — And Yours

Tue., Mar. 29/22 Beethoven’s becoming was made known to the world on this date (March 29) in Vienna in 1795. It was then that the twenty-four year old Ludwig van Beethoven made his debut performance as a pianist. Though his father had been grooming him for musical fame from infancy, it had only been aContinue reading “Beethoven’s Becoming — And Yours”

When the cat gets the remote…

Mon., Mar. 28/22 When the cat gets the remote you know you’re in for some tedious TV. The sorts of shows the cat likes are seldom detective dramas, rarely cooking shows, never sitcoms, newscasts, or game shows. The sorts of shows cats watch may be nature footage of birds, mice, or snakes, cat food commercials,Continue reading “When the cat gets the remote…”