A Matter of Royalty

Thur., Mar. 10/22 “MerEEOoow!” Molly screamed adamantly! The zip-top lid of the Pampers can had roused her from royal sleep, an injustice demandIng immediate recompense. A warm scoop of salmon paté with catnip treats on the side, perhaps? “MERerEEOOOoow!” she emphasized drowning out the T.V. newscaster. “Alright, alright,” I responded, enraging her more. Such insolenceContinue reading “A Matter of Royalty”

Three ‘dos,’ a pause, One ‘don’t’

Wed., Mar. 9/22 Psalm 37, a psalm of David, is one of nine* psalms which, in the Hebrew Bible, are written as acrostic poems. – i.e. each stanza beginning with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Presumably this was done to make memorization of these psalms easier, which suggests their content is of particularContinue reading “Three ‘dos,’ a pause, One ‘don’t’”

A Cynic’s Alternative

Tue., Mar. 8/22 Do not become cynical…  Cynicism makes your heart hard… it makes you like those to whom you became cynical. Cynicism weighs worthiness. It is essentially a legalism: The cynic measures a pound of kindness for a pound of demonstrated faithfulness, but if the other exhibits self-interest and deceit, the cynic metes outContinue reading “A Cynic’s Alternative”

No Evidence of Absence

Mon., Mar. 7/22 My wife and I have become great fans of the CBC Television detective drama series Murdoch Mysteries. Set in Victorian era Toronto the Sherlock Holmesian detective William Murdoch solves murders by wit and inventions. In one episode (Season 6, Episode 7, “The Ghost of Queen’s Park”) a politician is rumoured to haveContinue reading “No Evidence of Absence”

“Ads – Shop radiators…” “Shop flowers…” “Shop Jesus???”

Mon., Feb. 28/22 Do any Google search on almost anything and odds are pretty good that the first few hits listed will be Ads, Ads cleverly disguised as information sources. You click, and are met with a promotional onslaught of services and/or products allegedly “for your convenience,” but definitely for someone else’s profit. Turn aContinue reading ““Ads – Shop radiators…” “Shop flowers…” “Shop Jesus???””