The Will of Last Resort

Thur., Mar. 24/22 When we come to Jesus Christ we come to Him as a last resort. I do not necessarily mean we come to Him only because we have tried everything else and failed, although that may indeed be one’s case. But one need not have done so. One may not yet have triedContinue reading “The Will of Last Resort”

Root Problem

Tue., Mar. 22/22 There’s nothing worse than being pessimistic about your own pessimism. As someone once said, “There’s no sense in being pessimistic. It wouldn’t work anyway.” Yet, millions persist with it. They take a negative-first view of the world. If someone is nice to a pessimist such a one’s first response is suspicion. “What’sContinue reading “Root Problem”

Confronting Covid Phobia

Thur., Mar. 17/22 For the past two years now many believers have experienced seasons of or ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 and its variants. During this time online church services became the order of the day. We settled in — “normalized” – and some became trapped – trapped in the debilitating anxieties of agoraphobia! TheContinue reading “Confronting Covid Phobia”

Prayer and Deep Knee Bends

Tue., Mar. 15/22 Monday morning and I am feeling particularly stressed again. Unable to sleep I rise, feed the cat, and begin my morning exercises. Do familiar things, the experts say, things you find calming… normal. As a Christian, I pray as I work through the movements. I ask God for that ”peace which passesContinue reading “Prayer and Deep Knee Bends”